Step 1 : Enter the first name only of the child you are wanting the comments for.
Step 2 : Enter a Male or Female check.
Step 3 : Check the boxes next to the appropriate strand or level that you are wanting the comments for.
Step 4 : Submit the form to bring up the appropriate comments .

For the purposes of this demonstration you will be given a sample of the comments available in each section.

Step 5 : Read through the options given. Cut and paste the comments you select across to your report template.

Name of student



Introductory Comments





Closing Comments

Mid Year Positive
Mid Year Negative
Junior School
Mathematics - Geometry
English - Written Language
The Arts - Dance
Middle School  
Mathematics - Algebra
English - Reading Functions
Senior School  
Mathematics - Number
The Arts - Visual Arts
English - Library Skills
General Comments  
Achievement - Faces Barriers to Learning
Personal Attributes - Leadership

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